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“Breathtaking action… a tense, dazzling adventure!”

—#1 New York Times Bestselling Author DIRK CUSSLER (on False Horizon)

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Ryan is a twelve-year veteran Navy helicopter pilot who was part of a joint interagency special operations task force, deployed throughout Central and South America. He was medically separated after sustaining injuries during an emergency landing. He's been a rescue pilot for NASA, a prototype UAV test pilot, and a criminal investigator for JAG. Ryan currently works for the Department of Defense. Before the Navy, he worked as a scuba diving instructor in Hawai’i and technician for a microbiology lab conducting algae-biofuels research. He holds a Masters degree in History from Ashland University. He lives with his family in New England.

Ryan is a four-time Finalist for the 2023 Killer Nashville Claymore Award (Best: thriller, investigator, western, and action adventure categories) and was a Grandmaster Finalist in the 2022 Clive Cussler Adventure Writer's Competition.



From a Veteran Special Operations Pilot and an Award-Winning Debut Author comes a new breed of thriller.

First in the breathtaking new ETHAN CAIN Series:

A treasure hunter makes an earth-shattering discovery.
An operative thought to be dead advances on a lethal and mysterious objective.
A world hangs in the balance.

The International Space Station inexplicably loses contact with Earth. When a NASA tech devises a way to restore the feed, the images that come through are unfathomable: a scene of terrible violence, the crew unresponsive, droplets of blood hovering in zero gravity. But which of the astronauts aboard would have done such a thing? And why?

Off the coast of Mozambique, former special ops pilot and current treasure hunter Ethan Cain sees something he can’t believe: an object shot out of the heavens plunging deep into the Indian Ocean. When he goes to investigate, it becomes even less intelligible. A space capsule has crashed into the sea, and inside is a woman—alone, unconscious, and injured. Ethan knows he must save her. What he doesn’t know is who she is, how she got there…or why she’s the only survivor from a killing spree conducted 254 miles up in the sky.

BLOOD AND TREASURE by Ryan Pote is a pulse-pounding international thriller that pairs up two fascinating characters. Scarred by his past, Ethan Cain has no fear of death and no patience for a mission unfinished. Mojdeh Zahedi, on the other hand, seems to have no past, and will stop at nothing to complete a mission that no one understands.

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Breathtaking action as the discovery of Australia’s greatest shipwreck leads to a desperate battle under the ice cap against a deadly foreign threat. A tense, dazzling adventure.


#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

False Horizon is an epic adventure story teeming with suspense and intrigue, brutal action-packed scenes, and an intriguing cast of fully fleshed-out characters. Ryan Pote delivers on every level and on every page. Fans of Dirk Pitt, Lord Alexander Hawke, and Jack Ryan will love this story!


former US Secret Service agent, co-host of THE CREW REVIEWS podcast, and Award-Winning Author

Burning Water  is a gripping thriller… Well-crafted… keeps readers on the edge of their seats… full of twists and turns that will keep [you] guessing until the very end… a thrilling and entertaining read… sure to captivate fans of the genre!

Readers' Favorite (5-Star Review)

False Horizon is a high-stakes and fast-paced race to the deadly conclusion... a highly recommended read for fans of action-thrillers with multi-genre influences to give them mystique, danger, and plenty of drama!

Readers' Favorite (5-Star Review)

Indiana Jones  meets Mission Impossible  in this polished, high-action thriller! Burning Water  presents compelling characters and adrenaline-inducing threats in remarkable style. With a climax that’s global in scale, you’ll be cheering for Ethan Cain all the way through! Without any doubt, this one should be a blockbuster movie - highly recommended!


Multi Award-Winning Author (Broken Inn, The Antidote)

The adventure starts from the first pages in False Horizon and never lets up…a breakneck speed!

—The Booklife Prize by Publishers Weekly 

Always Remember the Names takes off with a bang, escalating immediately into explosive territory and never slowing down. [Pote] weaves an intricate plot (corruption, violence, and drugs) that will keep readers invested until the last page...a unique spin on the genre, with a satisfying twist...Craft’s profound character development adds a deeper element to the novel.

—The Booklife Prize by Publishers Weekly 

Near perfect...Pote uses a style of storytelling that is vivid and immersive...the battle scenes are quite enthralling and the romantic and mystery subplots are equally balanced and action genre reader's dream...intriguing storyline with just the right amount of suspense to keep you glued to the edge of your seat...Break Glass is storytelling at its finest!

—Readers' Favorite (5-star Review)

An extraordinary plot...Always Remember the Names is complicated and fast-paced. The action started in the first chapter and never stopped. It was a page turner...never a dull way to predict the next move. I could not put the book down, not even for a minute...suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were excellently developed and robust...interesting, exciting, and well-written. It could not have ended in a better way!

—Readers' Favorite (5-star Review)

A dramatic hook…an exciting edge…Pote’s meticulously detailed settings and powerful descriptions bring life to [Burning Water]. The writing style not only captivates, but also imparts knowledge, resulting in a reading journey that is both enjoyable and educational.

—The Booklife Prize by Publishers Weekly 

Pote continues the Ethan Cain series with another tense and action-filled mystery/thriller. Break Glass centers around an ancient scroll and the ensuing international struggles to claim it and unravel its meanings, though the storyline takes readers far beyond the expected. Pote has a taut and efficient prose style that capably launches the layered plot forward. Readers will become quickly immersed in Pote's storytelling and far-flung settings, from the International Space Station to below the ocean's surface. The author capably weaves together elements of archaeological mystery with international thriller to riveting, cinematic effect. The cast of characters is expansive and collectively contribute to the work's degree of verisimilitude, despite the extraordinary events. Ethan Cain is a formidable hero whose adventures--and the intriguing history introduced along the way--will leave a lasting impact on readers.

—The Booklife Prize by Publishers Weekly 

Roman is an action-packed whirlwind of excellent fiction and if there is one thing to say about Ryan Pote, it’s that the man can write a thriller like the best of the best…There are surprising twists and an unexpected alliance or two, and overall Pote proves to be a master of all things hacking, espionage, and operatives capable of saving the world. Very highly recommended.

Readers' Favorite (5 star review)                

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